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  1. shy-of-the-moon:

    Ringo and Jimmy

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  4. humanoidhistory:

    September 13, 2006 — It’s just another day on the job for astronauts from the Space Shuttle Atlantis and International Space Station. (NASA)

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  6. hornyheartsclub:

    Keith in groovy glasses before Stones in the Park concert

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  8. (Source: misterwooff)

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  10. whileatsea:

Baula mountainby Andy Lee


    Baula mountain
    by Andy Lee

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  13. handsomedogs:

Took my big guy apple and pear picking. He loves them.


    Took my big guy apple and pear picking. He loves them.

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  15. John Paul Jones relaxing at his home with wife Mo and daughters, early 1970s.

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  17. nubbsgalore:

    photos of aldelie (2,4,6) and chinstrap (1,3,5) penguins by (click pic) tim laman, ralph lee hopkins, justin hoffman, franz lanting, michael polizamaria stenzel.

    both chinstrap and adele penguins rely on krill for food, but the krill population, which itself relies on phytoplankton found beneath icebergs, has decreased by 80 percent. as the antarctic ice continues to melt, the phytoplankton are prevented from accessing cold water nutrients found beneath the icebergs, which ends up putting populations of the penguins at risk.  

    there’s now strong evidence to suggest a more than 50 percent drop in the abundance of chinstraps breeding since 1986, while the adelie population northeast of the ross sea has declined by 90 percent.  

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  19. italian-luxury:

Snow Driftin Gallardo
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  22. Anthrax on Record Store Day 2013.

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  24. me-ay-gah-han-fox said: Thank you so much for that crested gecko post on getting fired up. I've been noticing mine doing that and was so confused. Great fact to keep in mind. Do you have any other interesting facts about crested geckos?


    You’re very welcome! Here’s a couple of facts off the top of my head:

    -Crested geckos were thought to be extinct until they were rediscovered in 1994!

    -If they lose their tail, it unfortunately doesn’t grow back :(

    -Crested geckos lack eyelids but they do have a clear, protective scale over each eye!


    -When debris or water is on their eyes, they simply lick it off!

    -Crested geckos have specialized eyes for seeing in the dark. Like other gekkonid species, crested geckos have what has been referred to as Gehyra pupils; instead of having vertical, slit-shaped pupils with smooth edges, geckos have vertical, slit-shaped pupils with slightly lobed edges. They have color vision, as their retinas contain only cones. Nocturnal geckos such as these have larger apertures and cones, in addition to a shorter viewing length, than diurnal reptiles. This allows them to absorb as much light and see as much as possible in the dark. (Roth and Kelber, 2004Underwood, 1951)

    - On a crested geckos toe pads, and they end of their tail they have very small, very fine hairs that make it so they can walk on very smooth surfaces. This also helps them grip things easier and makes climbing trees very easy for them. 

    -They are named after their very distinct crests!

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